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Two Security Upgrades To Your Family Pawn Shop

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If you're family's pawn shop has recently been held up, then you're probably looking for some ways to improve the security. A pawn shop is a prime target for thieves because of the cash nature of the business. There is also the problem of all of the attractive watches and jewelry sitting on display. So, you can understand how tempting it is to thieves. However, you need to allow people into the shop, walk-ins are the bread and butter of your business. That said, you can do things that will limit the potential for theft and worse. Here's a couple of things to do.

Buzz In The Public

The most important thing to do is make sure you don't have a door that is open to the public. You need to install a buzzer system whereby people will ring to be allowed entrance. This will allow you and your coworkers to see who is at the door and if there is anything suspicious about them (if they are looking around, hiding something under their coat, or even wearing sunglasses or a ski mask ready to be rolled down to hide their face).

You are also going to want to replace your standard glass door with a bullet resistant door, so while that is being done you can have the installers set up the buzzer entry system.

Smash Proof, Bullet Proof Doors

You should have new doors installed in your business. First, you need to have the outdoor door replaced. This is super important. It doesn't matter if you have a buzzer, or cameras, if a smash and grab crew wants to gain entry. They will run up on a regular glass door and smash through it with their sledgehammers. So, have that door removed and bring in a company that can install a strong, shatter proof door that will stand up to hammer blows, as well as gunshots.

The second place you need a new door is for your office. There are times when thieves will gain entrance to the store, and if they start to smash up the glass display, or brandish a weapon, you want an area you can quickly retreat to and call the police. The best way to design this "safe room" is to install a bullet proof door on your office. It can be solid, it doesn't have to be glass like the front door. The main feature you want is that it be capable of stopping shotgun blasts and handgun bullets. So, make sure you choose a company that is experienced in installing doors with bullet proof cores.

Then, from the safety of your office, you can hide from the attack with your employees and call the police and wait for help to arrive. For more information, contact companies like Guardian Security Structures.