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Making A Fixer-Upper House Look Upscale

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Buying a small fixer house in the right neighborhood can be one of the easiest ways to become an owner without overspending on the investment. A small house is also easier to renovate than one of a larger size, especially when it doesn't have any major problems to worry about. If you purchase the right materials and know a little about interior design, you can turn such a house into something that has upscale appeal. The types of cosmetic changes that are made to your house can be as affordable or expensive as you desire them to be, as the supplies and products that are used for home renovation projects are sold in various price ranges. You can gather a few ideas for renovating your small fixer-upper house in an elegant way by continuing to read this article.

Add Elegance with Crown Molding for Doors and Walls

Crown molding is one of the common materials that is placed in upscale homes. The molding can be used in various areas, such as doors and along the top area of the walls. You can purchase the molding in different designs and widths based on the look that you are going for in your house. You also have the ability to get crown molding customized, which can make it more sentimental and unique. If you decide that crown molding is right for your home renovation project, be sure to leave the installation of it to professionals so the results will turn out satisfactory.

Choose Upscale Flooring Materials Over Vinyl Tiles

It may be tempting to rip out all of the old flooring in your house and replace it with vinyl tiles, as it is a very affordable option. However, if you have the goal of giving the house a more upscale look, stay away from vinyl flooring materials. The reason why is because vinyl doesn't have the quality and appeal that many of the other flooring materials have, and you will likely have to replace it a lot throughout the years. Choose an upscale flooring material that will not only contribute to making the house look more elegant, but will last longer and give the house more value.

Replace Windows That Are Not Appealing

Unattractive windows can make the outside of a house look bad. Being that you are going for an upscale look, it is worth investing in new windows if necessary. New windows will give your house a more modern look, and can also save you money on energy in the long run if they are of a high quality and able to prevent air from getting out of your house when the HVAC system is running.

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